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THE association consulting service for your community

 YES! we can manage your community if you wish however it is our goal to eliminate your need for dependance on a management company and let your manager do his or her job. Since we provide the expertise and support for your manager, the Board of Directors and interact with the homeowners on a basis that you the Board elect why pay the costs of a management company.

For those communities to small to have an on site manager or cannot afford one at this time we can provide the services you may need as you need them.

In today's economy why pay excessive pass through cost or labor burdens needlessly. Generally as high as 35% of the annual salary of each employee you have. Plus their benefits costs....Plus door costs ...Plus...Plus...Plus!

In 2006/07 only 9 % of ALL common interest communities in the entire state of Florida was self managed, 2007/08 that number jumped to over 29%, are we seeing the potential future of the Association management industry. 

CAN just did a survey  for 2010 of Associations across Florida and found our findings to be factual 30% of ALL associations are self managed, however many state if there were alternatives they would consider those alternatives..... WE are one of those alternatives.

The old way of thinking that a property management company is a requirement to effectively manage a community is slowly going the way of the dinosaur..... in some local areas self management exceeds 30% of the communities in that area, they have learned the facts of adding tens if not hundreds of thousands of Dollars back  into their budgets. Why pay the mark ups on staff, for letters and door costs on top of everything else........

The reality is YOUR on site manager is the key to effective operations and site expense control, however s/he cannot know everything required in the administration and operations of effective community management that is where we come in, we can provide the wide array of support services your community may need some under contract and other as needed.

We can assist you from the initial transition in leaving your present company, the hiring of a skilled professional manager coupled with related staff and provide the numerous support services you may need AS you need them AND the staff remains even if you no longer need our support services.

Your concerned that you the Board need to spend extra time in monitoring the manager and the necessary activities within your community ........ NOT SO ...... We can do that for you at a minimal cost as frequently as you want it weekly, monthly, quarterly! Plus you have access to all of our other services.

Yes we charge for our services, but YOU the Board control the cost, here is your opportunity to have more control over your community and staff, save thousands of dollars, create a better run operation and have more time for your lifestyle. We are here to provide checks and balances.

What sets us apart  is we realize each and every community is as different as the people that make up the community.

Let's face it, get a CAM license, register as a company, get your business license in the county or region of your choice and Bingo you are a management company!

Up to 2008 you did not even have to get a business license in the county in which you worked.

No so with us:

First, we have over 50+ years in the industry so your getting seasoned experienced  licensed people.

Second, we do not have sub companies like painters, security or landscapers, so we remain non biased there by providing You the services you need, COST effectively.

We are licensed and registered, we are an Association Management Company.
We are here to assist the Board of Directors in providing a life style the community is entitled to, today, tomorrow and years from now. As well as to assist your on site manager in the daily needs of your community.

Let us take you from under the thumb of the management companies and save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and costs, we will always be there to assist you and provide the support activities in case your manager cannot, what ever the need,  for far less than what your present company is charging.

We offer a wide range of services designed to address the needs of your community from daily management to Preventive Maintenance Programs, vendor selections, development of your staff, training, compliance monitoring, vendor and contractor assistance and much more. Please visit our other sites.

As you progress through this site you will learn how we work, some of the many services we offer, how we meet your needs as well as how flexible our services are. We will discuss the needs of your community with your Board of Directors and develop a management system that not only meets the needs of your community but also addresses your budget cost effectively.

If you are seeking a company that is open, flexible, has the desire to meet your needs per the statutes, will invest the time required, educate your Board, assist in developing a harmonious community, that has the expertise in Association Management, will work in the best interests of your community, remain cost effective and assist in developing a management program to meet the needs and desires of your community ... please feel free to contact us.

We will meet, discuss your needs, desires, goals and develop a management plan to fit those needs. We are in this for the long haul. Some issues may require a year or more to come to fruition and that is fine by us, we know what is needed and will assist in educating the Board to make educated decisions in any area they desire.
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Thank you for your interest, if you feel we are what your seeking Please feel free to contact us, just go to our forms page and let us know.

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